How is a Social Media Strategy like your Thanksgiving Turkey?!

One of the most stressful meals to cook is your Thanksgiving feast. You must make sure the Turkey is cooked on time and isn’t dry, you must make the perfect stuffing, and then remember to lightly brown the rolls! When it comes to this special day of the year, you’re either 1 of 2 people. Number 1 – the person with grandmother like cooking and hosting skills that gets everything on the table on time, with a centerpiece that seems to have been lifted directly out of Pinterest. Then there is person number 2 – the last minute, microwaving, rushing, grocery store flower person that Instagram’s their paper plate feast with the caption “adulting #adult #grownup #ididit.” The same can be said about social media, you’ve got the experienced and the amateur.

Breaking down Social Media as the perfect Thanksgiving meal

You start with the meat of the meal, literally, your turkey represents your social strategy. It’s important! Like the turkey defines the meal, strategy defines your online presence. Without it, you are just throwing mindless annoying garbage out onto the internet. Any seasonal chef can tell you a lot of hard work goes into cooking the perfect Thanksgiving turkey. You must purchase the perfect bird, at the perfect price, then season it properly, and of course monitor it as it cooks to ensure success. Same goes for social strategy, I do tons of research on competitors, understanding the brand, and finding what appeals to the target market.

Thanksgiving is nothing without the perfect casserole/sides of your choice. Your turkey needs a friend on that plate! Just like your strategy needs the perfect branded and curated content. You can have many different sides on Thanksgiving; green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, squash casserole, stuffing, yams, etc. Your content should reflect that as well. Everything should look like it’s a part of the same meal but have a flair of its own. No one wants watermelon on their plate at Thanksgiving.

Now we get down to the deal sweeteners, the beautiful brown rolls and the cranberry sauce. Pretty sure everyone chows down on roles as they come out of the oven waiting for dinner – it’s an American tradition! Rolls are not a necessity for having a great tasting dinner, but they do act as a good measure for the rest of the food. Warmed up packaged rolls only get you so far. Rolls are a lot like your analytics. This measurement of your social channels lets you know about your demographic, the type of content that works, and how well you are doing with engagement – not a necessity but nice to know where you stand! And then we have the cranberry sauce. It’s not everyone’s favorite, but you must agree it is a Thanksgiving staple. It doesn’t matter if only one person dips into the sauce, it isn’t Thanksgiving without it. Cranberry sauce is your ads. Many business owners don’t know that without using ads, your social channels are going to be stagnant. Facebook will only show about 6% of your audience your content unless you pay to show them. Instagram is owned by Facebook, so you know what is happening there too. Cranberry sauce might sound gross and unnecessary at first, but in the long run, it makes your guests happy.

There you have it, your social media Thanksgiving feast. Are you fighting to put together the perfect social for your business? Give TIK:TALK a call and let us cater the perfect social media plan for you!

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