4 Ingredients for Your Restaurant’s Social Media Success!

In today’s digital world, having a strong social media presence is just as valuable as the signage you have in front of your restaurant. When everything can be done from an iPhone or Android, people often look to social to verify the credibility of a business and see what’s new. You don’t want to miss out on potential customers because your restaurant’s social strategy isn’t fully cooked.

TIK:TALK Marketing Serves Up the PERFECT Recipe for Social Media Effectiveness!

Just like any good recipe, there are certain ingredients you need to include in your social marketing plan in order to get the best results. A successful social media program for your restaurant MUST include these 4 tactics:


      • PHOTOS!

If you are wanting people to come in to eat your food, the best thing to do is show them how delicious it is! You want to make sure you have high-quality food images to really appeal to potential customers – make their mouths water, make them crave a bite. Cell phone photos with poor lighting and color balance will probably do more harm than good. You also want to include interactive pictures of your existing customers, really capture the experience of visiting your establishment! TIK:TALK provides professional on-site photography and videography to build the image assets you need to make a real impact on social.


      • FOLLOWERS!

Posting on social media doesn’t drive sales by itself, you have to get those posts in front of MORE local customers in your area. At TIK:TALK, we use different tactics to aggressively grow your follower base each and every month. If you’re not seeing your followers increase each month, you’re missing huge opportunities for growth. Ask us about some of our guerilla tactics for gaining new local followers every month!


      • INFLUENCE!

One of the newest and most effective ways to grow your restaurant on social media is INFLUENCER marketing. Influencers are people with large social followings of their own. TIK:TALK finds local influencers and incentivizes them to promote your restaurant to their following and drive new customers to your tables! Your amazing food may speak for itself but spreading the word can be done quickly with a personal recommendation from a local influencer.


      • ANALYTICS!

One of the biggest factors in social media success, but often overlooked, is analytics. Meaningful reporting & analysis on your social media effectiveness allows you to strategize without relying on blind taste-testing. When you know the demographics that are most receptive and the followers that convert to customers, you can plan your outreach, your content, and your specials to appeal specifically to them.

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At TIK:TALK, we have a talented team of restaurant marketers working behind the scenes to deliver an optimized social media program for our restaurant clients. We handle everything from design to research, covering each of the 4 “must-have” ingredients above. We have a proven track record managing social media for a variety of restaurants throughout the Dallas – Fort Worth area. TIK:TALK knows what speaks to a Texan’s tummy. Let us talk to you about using social to fill your tables.

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