It’s time to talk about mobile! TIK:TALK designs and develops custom iOS and Android applications for a variety of industries, audiences, and uses. Whether it’s providing mobile ordering capability with push notifications for a local pizza restaurant chain, or an interactive product selector tool for industrial power supply reps across the world, we have the expertise to solve a variety of business challenges, and take advantage of new opportunities by literally putting our clients in their customers’ pocket.

Think mobile apps are too expensive? Guess again! We have packages available for just about any budget.

Don’t think a mobile app will make a difference for your company? Consider this: since January 2014, Americans have spent more time online using mobile apps than desktop browsers.

Give us a call and let us talk to you about developing a mobile app for your company.

Perfect for Restaurants

We also offer ONLINE ORDERING so you can receive food orders from your website AND your mobile app!


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Contact us today for a free consultation on how a TIK:TALK app can benefit your business.
Curious about how a mobile app might look and function for your type of business? TIK:TALK provides free demos with your branding to show how our awesome features will directly impact your business.
TIK:TALK Support is available by phone, email, or in-person in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. We don’t just design and develop your app, we take a hands-on approach to making sure you get as many active users, and as much benefit out of your custom app as possible!


Here are just a few of the many interactive features we can build into your mobile app: