Although it is commonly overlooked, email marketing can often yield a significant return on investment if done correctly. A proven way to reach out to past, current, and potential customers, email marketing is another one of the many turnkey marketing services TIK:TALK is proud to offer.

We have the platform and tools needed to present a successful email marketing campaign for your business. While email campaigns are a cheap option for marketing, you still want the delivered product to look professional. We provide the design and copy for your email, using coupons and promotions to grab the attention of the readers.

Aside from handling the what, we also handle the who. We will discuss with you a strategy for building up a mailing list. We provide hands-on consultation to you to help build your email list from various channels and resources. By doing this, we are able to reach more people and increase the flow of traffic into your business.

It’s time to talk about growing your business through an effective email marketing campaign.