Thinking about hiring a marketing director? What if you could hire an entire marketing department with more experience, stronger tools, better-established resources, and greater analytic capabilities, all at a lower cost than hiring a full-time employee? Already have a marketing director? Our larger clients appreciate having a one-stop-shop for hands-on implementation and management of your defined market strategy. Whether we’re just managing your Facebook page, or providing full service fulfillment, TIK:TALK has the tools and talent for projects of any size.

First, you get a dedicated account representative (Marketing Partner) whose job it is to learn your business. Then they employ a team of marketing experts to implement whatever marketing products and services you need to grow your business. Think of the representative as the face of a watch, and the staff of experts as the gears that make it work. You don’t need to spend time fine-tuning each individual gear; you only need to look at the face to tell the time.

Don’t let time run out, get the marketing team that will drive your brand to huge success.