Press Release Management is a Necessary Tool to Grow Your Business!

Press releases play a huge role in the coverage your business sees through news channels. Whether you are looking for a write-up in a magazine, a mention in a blog, or a spot on the 5 o’clock news, the best way to bring attention to your brand is through a well written and distributed press release.

The main goal of any press release is to have your story told and bring coverage to your business; this holds true for large and small business in any field. The publicity you can see from a release can have a measurable impact on your customer volume. Not only does it work as advertising, it also builds trust among potential clients.

It all starts with what you have to say. Press releases are a key aspect of establishing yourself as a leader in your industry. When writing the release, it is important to know what the attention-grabbing aspects of your story are and what background information on your business is needed. It is a fine balance of delivering the key facts while making the story worth covering.

Once you have a well thought out press release, how you distribute it comes into play. Mass distribution and target-specific distribution each have their benefits. With Mass distribution, your press release is stored and seen online, increasing its visibility and giving you a backlog of SEO collateral. Target-specific requires reaching out to specific publications that you know will take interest in your story. This is perfect for trade journals, magazines, blogs, and even your local newspapers.

Your needs, your industry, and what you have to say all make a difference for which type of distribution works best for you, and it may differ from one press release you want to put out to the next. The great thing about press release management is that it is easily adaptable to any type of budget. And while there is no guarantee of coverage, it is cheaper than paid advertising.

If you are looking for press release distribution and management in Dallas, contact TIK:TALK Marketing! We’d be happy to discuss how we can help bring attention to your brand.


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