Facebook Advertising and Its Blunders

Did you know that Facebook does not allow the advertisement of surgery related content? Can you guess why? Do you want to know why this pertains to EVERY SINGLE small business? You and your small business needs to know about this advertisement set back because there are tons of potential violations for every industry.

Most small business owners have tried to take a walk on the wild side and tinker with Facebook advertising, and most have been unsuccessful. The worst situation is when a small business owner starts to figure out how the whole mess works and then some small thing within the Facebook algorithm changes. You know what isn’t the worst situation? Having a TIK:TALK social media expert on your side taking care of those changes for you.

A social media expert saves you the time it takes to learn and bend with the changes of social media. Did you know there are updates to social media channels every single day? You just joined Instagram a few weeks ago, well the software just updated and now there are 3 new account features you had no idea about. I learn and stay updated for my clients. You can trust me to know about the inner workings to a T and to keep your brand updated. Give us a call today to talk about the blunders of Facebook advertising for your business!

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