Pantone Palette Pleases

Pantone recently launched a new app called Pantone Studio that has got me super excited. The app is an overhaul/replacement of their older app myPantone and makes creating and gathering color inspiration from the world around you extremely easy. Within the app you can capture an image and then a five-color Pantone palette is pulled from the image. You can then adjust where the colors are being extracted from the image and customize your new palette. Once you’re happy with your custom-made color palette, it can easily be saved and uploaded into the Adobe Creative Cloud and Photoshop.

“The new app is free to download and costs $7.99 for a one-month subscription or $59.99 for an annual subscription, making it much more accessible for those just starting out in their careers. The subscription includes access to all Pantone colors and a number of new features designed for creators in all fields, from fashion designers to digital designers to photographers.”

– AdWeek

It’s crazy to think that graphic designers used to have to manually match up and pull the colors they wanted to use for designs from a clunky color guide…and those color guides could cost anywhere between $200 – $1000. Good thing it’s the FUTURE now and everything is easier! I’ve only played around with the basic free version of Pantone Studio thus far—which is still incredibly cool. There are plenty of color collections, guides, articles, and images to browse to get you inspired and pumped about color. To test it out, I took a photo of the TIK:TALK office; look at how it turned out, pretty fun! OoohhhhAhhhhh.


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