My Journey into the World of Marketing

Here at TIK:TALK, there are always adventures to have, from taking mini trips to the post office, to driving to one of our clients company. Just a couple of weeks ago, TIK:TALK was working on completing North Texas Gynecologic Oncology’s new website and had to make a quick trip to the local Medical City Dallas Hospital to take a photo of the building to showcase on their home page of the website due to not being able to get one on the day of the actual photoshoot we had with NTGO. All because of Texas’s crazy weather we keep getting.

Not only do we go far beyond for our clients, we occasionally get to celebrate our own achievements as a company. After all of our hard work and dedication on getting our new website up and running, Brian took us out for a team lunch as a thank you. While at lunch, as a company we came up with a great concept idea on an app that would be great for the Dallas area, with the idea of expanding to other places in the future. It’s always a good idea to keep that in mind, you never really want to put your time into something that doesn’t have the opportunity to grow. With that being said, it gave me a flashback to a couple of college classes I took which involved the whole class working on one project together for an entire semester. With that being said I don’t want to give too much away about our idea, but make sure to stay tuned on our progress in the near future.

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