Adobe Announces New App for Creative Cloud!

Adobe recently announced that they will be adding a new application to the Creative Cloud suite in 2017. They are calling it Project Felix and it’s designed to help graphic designers introduce 3D modeling to their work – without requiring knowledge of existing 3D software. It’s an industry-first tool that allows for the creation of high quality, photorealistic images through combining 2D and 3D assets. Felix will come with a free starter library of models, materials, and lights, as well as the ability to access Adobe Stock within the app to search for additional 2D & 3D assets. Felix allows designers to customize specific properties like materials, lighting, & camera angles, but also will have the intelligence to make automatic adjustments. It can do this via an advanced machine learning algorithm to ensure lighting angles and corrections are perfectly aligned and in perspective with the overall composition. Another exciting feature is real-time rendering via the V-Ray rendering engine allows users to preview work while editing and before exporting to Photoshop to complete their design.



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