SteepGear Web Design

When SteepGear came to us they were in need of a site for their new and innovative product. They needed a way to show people their safety shorts and explain how they work to the public. They wanted a site to establish themselves, and showcase their product in a professional manner. It also needed to be a simple and easy way to manage incoming sales. 


  • Establish their brand
  • Promote their life saving product
  • Bring awareness to a potential hazard many people neglect
  • Make sales much easier


  • Developed fully responsive site for the best user experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Create a consistent and well founded brand
  • Created an interactive image showcasing the features of the product
  • Made sales and shipping easy and straightforward

Sweet Family SteepGear was excited with their newly developed site. They loved it so much they went onto use us for further projects such as creating a brochure for their product as well. Sales were generated almost immediately upon launch.