Intercon Demo Web Design

When Intercon Demo came to TIK:TALK, they were in need of an website overhaul. The existing website was outdated, unorganized, and didn’t project the needed information relevant to their work. They wanted a new modern look that would serve as a portfolio to help complete deals.  


  • To highlight professionalism
  • To promote past work projects
  • To offer needed information on service specifications


  • Developed fully responsive site for the best user experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Composed copy that highlighted the branding
  • Incorporated contact information
  • Utilized design to create a modern yet professional appearance

Upon completion of the project, the client was very excited about the website. They specifically loved our ability to capture their personalities and fun nature while keeping the overall appearance professional, a task they had struggled with in the past. The client continues to utilize TIK:TALK to promote their brand.