The Ratcliff Company Web Design

Pat Ratcliff is one of the premier designers of Dallas and the Highland Park area and very well respected. When he came to TIK:TALK, his existing website was very out-dated and Adobe flashed basic, not viewable on apple devices.

Strategic Goals:

  • To have the website reflect the client’s design abilities
  • To be more user-friendly
  • To captivate visitors
  • To modernize the appearance and function

Our Process:

  • Developed a fully responsive site for the best user experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Utilized design to create a modern yet sophisticated appearance
  • Created a motion graphic video
  • Composed copy to highlight achievements
  • Programed a lightbox gallery to feature portfolio pieces

Pat Ratcliff was very pleased with the quality of the finished website. He has remarked that our ability to work hand-in-hand truly made us standout from other companies, in that he felt he could really impart his personal brand on the site. Pat continues to use TIK:TALK for website maintenance and is quick to refer us to others looking for marketing assistance.