SMITH Protective Web Design

Smith came to us in need of a site to establish their brand, and create at platform to cater to both of their target audiences smoothly. With over 100 years of service they had many inconsistencies in branding and needed us to unify all their branches under one site. 


  • Create a site that appealed to possible clients and potential employees
  • Make the site as streamlined as possible to not draw people away


  • Create consistent branding to create a competitive look and appeal
  • Created organized division on the site to make sure whoever landed on the site knew where they needed to click for their service
  • Organize a photo shoot for use one the website and future projects
  • Developed fully responsive site for the best user experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile

Smith Services loved their website upon launch. So much so that they went one to use us for online directory management and social media management.