Achieve Web Design

Transitioning from their old branding as Citizens Development Center to Achieve, this non-profit organization reached out to TIK:TALK for help in refining their brand standards and expressing them on a completely updated site.


  • To showcase their work program
  • To create new brand awareness
  • To focus on the philanthropic work they do
  • To organize a plethora of content for ease-of-use


  • Developed fully responsive site for the best user experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Utilized design to emphasize the brand
  • Composed copy that highlighted their programs
  • Organized a web flow that appeals to all users

Once the site was finished, Achieve was very pleased with the presentation of information and layout we provided. With several areas of focus, we were able to balance them all, highlighting the special features while keeping it all organized. We provided them a very user-friendly site that delivers all the information needed.