Aboca’s Italian Grill Web Design

When Aboca’s approached TIK:TALK, they did not know how they wanted their new website to look, but they did know they wanted visitors of the site to feel hungry when they saw it. They had an existing site, but it did not reflect anything of their brand.

Strategic Goals:

  • To unify their branding
  • To promote their food
  • To build the client base

Our Process:

  • Developed fully responsive site for the best user experience on desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • Integrated online ordering functionality for pickup and delivery
  • Created interactive food menus
  • Featured social media platforms
  • Programmed email marketing signup and contact forms
  • Utilized visual sliders, lightbox galleries, and accordion features

TIK:TALK took the development a few steps further by suggesting the “Aboca’s VIP Club” email marketing program, and they were so thrilled with the product that they have continued to use TIK:TALK as their go-to marketing consultants. We provide ongoing analytics to the restaurant as well as handle any other marketing need.