Cooperative Direct Mail Advertising in Sherman, Texas

Each ad is 4.5″ wide by 3″ tall. We’ll provide the graphic design for you. I would recommend a photo, logo, contact information, and an offer. We can also use a QR code to take people to your website, and we can provide reporting later to show how many people used the QR code. The entire piece is 9″ wide and 12″ tall, in a glossy cardstock material, so it definitely will not be missed when people check the mail. We are targeting delivery in the first week of May, but that may change depending on how quickly we can get everyone’s ad set up and approved.
Need some recommendations on what types of promotions to offer? Just fill out the inquiry form on this page.
Each advertiser has exclusivity based on their primary line of business. For example, now that we have Palio’s Pizza Cafe on board for an ad, we won’t offer any ad spots for other pizza or italian restauarants. This exclusivity is first-come, first-serve and each advertiser on our 1st mailing in Sherman will have first opportunity to reserve any future mailings. There is no term agreement.
The cost is $499 per ad spot, all-inclusive. It will be mailed out to 10,000 households in Sherman, so that is effectively just under 5 cents per household. Also, if you refer us to another business owner in Sherman who purchases an ad spot, they’ll get a $50 discount on their first mailing, and you will also get a $50 discount.
Just a little bit about our company. TIK:TALK Marketing has been around since 2014. We’re based out of Dallas, Texas and we are a full-service marketing agency that primarily helps small business owners. We offer website design, social media management, email marketing, direct mail marketing, and several other services. Feel free to check us out our work at