Customers have SO MANY choices on where to eat lunch or dinner, and they’re making those decisions on their smartphones. Your restaurant may have great food and service, but how do we get customers to notice, remember, and choose YOU? Based on years of hands-on experience with dozens of restaurant brands, the 2 highest performing digital marketing channels for restaurants are EMAIL + SOCIAL MEDIA.

For a limited time, TIK:TALK Marketing is offering a comprehensive, custom & effective Restaurant EMAIL + SOCIAL MEDIA Marketing program (+ Wifi Marketing), for only:
$149 Per Week!

New Customers,
Repeat Customers,
Large Groups,
& Catering

  • Proven Effectiveness

    95% Client retention with NO term agreements

  • Digital Relevance

    Reach local customers on their smartphones

  • No Term Agreements

    Ever. Our clients stay with us because it WORKS!

  • Save Time

    Turnkey Service – We do it all!

  • Measurable Growth

    350+ Social Followers & 150+ Email Subscribers Monthly

  • Professional Graphic Design

    We make you look BETTER than the big guys



  • Create Facebook page, Twitter profile, and/or Instagram profile if necessary
  • Design custom profile and cover images
  • Optimize social profile configuration & content
  • Facebook & Instagram ad account creation & configuration (Requires extra ad budget paid directly to Facebook)
  • Social profile integration with TIK:TALK’s community management & analytics platforms
  • Social profile integration with restaurant’s website


  • Monthly call to discuss specials and promotions, and to schedule each month’s social posts
  • 2 custom social posts each week with custom graphic design, caption, & hashtagging. We handle all posting including manual posting on Instagram.
  • Timely community management – we respond to customer questions, comments, and compliments for you! Customer complaints are forwarded to restaurant management to respond directly.
  • Facebook & Instagram ad creation & management to grow your followers and increase your reach (Requires extra ad budget paid directly to Facebook)
  • Hashtag research for local discoverability on Instagram
  • Monthly analytic reports showing follower growth, impressions, engagements, and website clicks


  • Create an automatic “Welcome” email to be sent to new subscribers immediately when they sign up
  • Create an automatic “Incentive” email to be sent 6 hours after new subscribers sign up with a free incentive for signing up (Ex. Free Appetizer)
  • Create an automatic “Happy Birthday” email to be sent 1 week before each subscriber’s birthday to encourage them to celebrate at the restaurant
  • Create an automatic “Happy Anniversary” email to be sent 1 week before each subscriber’s anniversary to encourage them to celebrate at the restaurant
  • Create WIFI Marketing portal to provide free internet to in-store customers in exchange for email sign-ups and social follows
  • Wifi Marketing Router shipped to restaurant ($150 1-time fee)
  • Add email sign-up tab to restaurant Facebook page
  • Add email sign-up form to restaurant website
  • Design paper email sign-up cards for in-store use (print & shipping costs extra)


  • 1 custom email blast per week to promote specials, events, catering, and holidays
  • Monthly call to discuss specials and promotions, and to schedule each month’s email blasts
  • Analytic report link to view subscriber count, campaign delivery rate, open rate, and click rate

See FAQs & NOTES Below for More Details


Craft Engaging Content
Aggressively Grow Your Audience
Prompt Customer Service
Analyze & Optimize Results



TIK:TALK never requires our clients to commit to a term agreement. We are proud of our high client retention rate because we do good work, not because we force clients to sign a long-term commitment. We do, however, require clients to sign a general service agreement to satisfy our picky attorneys, and we require 30-day notice to cancel any recurring service.

Absolutely! Opted-in email subscriber lists can be exported and provided to you at any time upon request. We will also never change your social media profile passwords without your permission.

Our company is called TIK:TALK (i.e. “tick tock”) because we are built to save you time so you can focus on your business. When we start working together, we’ll have a 1-time kickoff call that will last 30 minutes to an hour where we will walk you through the process and work on getting access to everything we need to do our work. At the end of that meeting, we will provide you with a short list of “things we need from you” which may include access to menu files, food photos, social & website logins, etc. Once we are fully set up, we will have 1 monthly strategy call to discuss promotions for the coming month, which will last 30 minutes to an hour. After the monthly strategy call, we will create and send proofs of all of your scheduled email and social content for the coming month. We will ask you to review those proofs and provide feedback & approval, but that’s it! We take care of the rest.

In short, yes! It is important, however, to provide realistic expectations. Customers have so many restaurant options and they are making decisions on their smartphone. If your restaurant has good food and good service at an appropriate price, then our job is simply to keep reminding customers of that on their smartphone. For restaurants, based on many years of hands-on experience with dozens of restaurant brands, email and social are 2 of the most powerful channels to drive business. The effectiveness of these channels increase as the audience grows. For example, if you are running a special for “Free Appetizer with Purchase of 2 Entrees” and you have 500 social followers and 500 email subscribers, it’s very likely that you’ll see response. If you have 1500 social followers and 1500 email subscribers, it’s very likely that you’ll see 3X that response. So the return on investment from this program will continually increase as we increase your audience for social and email

Measuring that return on investment can be a little challenging. For example, if a customer sees an Instagram post of a delicious pasta dish that we create and post, and that customer decides to come into the restaurant to purchase that pasta dish, the customer is probably not going to say “I just wanted to let you know I came in today and purchased this pasta because I saw your wonderful post on Instagram.” If we are running specials or promotions that are only promoted through social and email, of course you can run POS discount reports to determine the number of tables and revenue generated from that campaign, but even in that situation customers don’t always redeem offers or specials that got them in the door. At TIK:TALK, we have dozens of restaurant clients who report increased YOY sales from our digital marketing programs, but the percentage of growth does vary based on market, brand, price-point, etc. Like any marketing plan that actually works, there are no silver bullets and it does require some time and consistency to generate best results. TIK:TALK’s client retention rate for restaurants engaged with email, social, & wifi marketing is above 95% annually, without a term agreement. The proof is in the pudding.

This is an area where we shine! We can use a variety of tactics to increase social media followers including:
Targeted Facebook & Instagram ads (Requires extra ad budget paid directly to Facebook)

  • Instagram follow-for-followback tactics
  • Hashtag research for discoverability
  • In-store promotions & incentives for follower-building campaigns
  • Sweepstakes & giveaways for viral sharing & following
  • Local influencer marketing
  • Social integration on restaurant’s website
  • WIFI marketing (provide free internet for guests in exchange for social follow)
  • Cross-promotion on email marketing

We can use a variety of tactics to increase email marketing list subscribers including:

  • Email sign-up form on your website
  • Email sign-up tab on your Facebook page
  • Cross-promotion on social platforms
  • In-store sign-up cards to include in check folders or on the checkout counter (print & shipping costs extra)
  • Staff incentive programs to maximize in-store sign-ups
  • WIFI marketing (provide free internet for guests in exchange for email signup)

WIFI Marketing is essentially an easy way to supercharge your email sign-ups and social follower growth. The TIK:TALK WIFI Marketing platform allows us to gather email subscribers and social media followers by providing in-store access to free guest wifi in exchange for that customer subscribing to the restaurant’s email list or following the restaurant’s social profile(s). For a 1-time fee of $150, TIK:TALK will purchase, configure, & ship a WIFI router to your restaurant. Simply plug the router into a power source and connect the router to your internet modem and you’re up and running. Customers will connect to “FREE GUEST WIFI” from their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other device and will be prompted with a sign-up screen that requires them to opt-in to the restaurant’s email list, like the restaurant’s Facebook page, or follow the restaurant on Instagram. Once the system verifies that the customer has complied, they will be able to use the internet. Sign up for a free strategy call with a TIK:TALK Account Manager to learn more about this awesome feature.

No problem! If you have multiple locations of the same restaurant brand with the same menu, we can add additional locations for $50 per week. We’ll use the same social content and post it on the Facebook Page, Instagram Profile, and Twitter Profile for each location and we’ll use a single email marketing list for all locations but add a “Preferred Location” to the sign-up form so we know which subscribers prefer to go to which location. We’ll provide social customer service for all locations and employ follower-building tactics for each location’s social media profiles.

If you would like custom content for each location, or if you own multiple restaurant brands, get in touch with us and we’ll put together a custom program to meet your needs.

TIK:TALK is a full-service marketing agency specializing in restaurant marketing. Your Account Manager would be happy to put together a custom quote to meet any or all of your marketing needs. Our services include website design & maintenance, mobile app development, online food ordering & ecommerce, direct mail, print design & production, apparel and promotional products, SEO, PPC, press release management, and photo & video production.

Let’s TALK!

Fill out the form below to schedule a free EMAIL+SOCIAL strategy call with a TIK:TALK Account Manager. We’ll answer any questions you may have about the program and also provide some ideas on what we can do for your brand and, more importantly, your sales.


    Social posting starts week 3. The first 2 weeks of a new client program includes client kickoff, platform setup, and email and social content creation. Facebook and Instagram ads for follower growth require an additional ad budget, paid directly from the restaurant to Facebook using a credit or debit card. We recommend a minimum of $50-$500 per month depending on how aggressive you would like to grow your social followers.

    WIFI Marketing requires a 1-time fee of $150 to purchase, configure, & ship the TIK:TALK WIFI Marketing router, which becomes property of the restaurant, and is taxable for restaurants located in the State of Texas. TIK:TALK does not provide a warranty on any hardware purchased so we encourage restaurants to provide appropriate electric & internet connections and store hardware in a cool, dry, low-traffic area, preferably central to the dining room. WIFI Marketing requires internet & modem to operate. TIK:TALK does not provide internet or IT service or troubleshooting services.

    For in-store promotion of your email & social programs, graphic design of email sign-up cards, table tents, flyers, and banners is provided free of charge. Physical printing for in-store promotion can be done with the local printer of your choice, or TIK:TALK can provide a quote to print and ship promotional items to you, which is not included in the price of the program.

    This promotion is available for a limited time to new clients only.