Social Media

How is a Social Media Strategy like your Thanksgiving Turkey?!

One of the most stressful meals to cook is your Thanksgiving feast. You must make sure the Turkey is cooked on time and isn’t dry, you must make the perfect stuffing, and then remember to lightly brown the rolls! When it comes to this special day of the year, you’re either 1 of 2 people. […]
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Facebook Advertising and Its Blunders

Did you know that Facebook does not allow the advertisement of surgery related content? Can you guess why? Do you want to know why this pertains to EVERY SINGLE small business? You and your small business needs to know about this advertisement set back because there are tons of potential violations for every industry. Most […]
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Do The Olympics Earn a Gold in Social Media Marketing?

2016 marked the year of the 31st Olympics for the world. Along with the fanfare of the games came a number of bad PR leaks, social media outrage, and worry; nevertheless the games prevailed. The games got underway on Aug 5th with the opening ceremonies, and along with being introduced to all of the athletes, we were also introduced to numerous hashtags...
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